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VARIETIES – Sauvignon Blanc


Descending the northeast flank of Mount St. Helena to the north of the Napa Valley, before completing leaving the forested preserve of the Robert Louis Stevenson National Park, one encounters the red volcanic soils of Lake County.

It is here that Dave Rosenthal has planted some Sauvignon Blanc in his “backyard,” the lightly-sloped, pine tree-covered foothill of the dormant volcano to the south.

These rugged old vines, deeply rooted in the iron rich soil that the Lake County AVA is known for, provide Bell (and only Bell) with some of the most unique Sauvignon Blanc fruit in the area.

The wine produced from this vineyard possesses many of the more typical Lake County sensory attributes of Sauvignon Blanc, such as stone fruits and a citrus edge, but also a bit of minerality (oyster shell), as well as tropical fruit (guava, passionfruit) more typically seen in Rutherford examples.

A beautiful, unique vineyard site that we are very enthusiastic about being able to showcase.