Clochette d'Or, Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford

Bell Wine Cellars is committed to hand-crafting limited edition bottlings of extraordinary wines that best reflect the terroir of their vineyards and the care and passion of their growers.  In Clochette d’Or, our little golden bell, we have created an enigma – a white wine from our flagship red grape, Clone 6 Cabernet sauvignon.  Free run juice collected during the sorting process was slowly fermented in 100% French oak barrels using Assmannhausen yeast.  The resulting wine possesses only a faint hue of gold, the palest remnant of its red grape parentage.  But on the palate, there is no mistaking the substantial weight and voluptuous texture indicative of its noble origin. Clochette d’Or is a blend of Cabernet sauvignon Clone 6 (100%) grown on the Georges III vineyard in the Rutherford sub-appellation of Napa Valley. The grapes are hand-harvested and optically sorted using a small, truck-mounted machine.  The juice created during sorting is siphoned off to French oak barrels, where Assmannhausen yeast is introduced.  Originally developed by Geisenheim Research Institute in Germany, this yeast strain accentuates the fruit aromas and spicy flavors in both beer and wine.

Wine Notes