Our newest wines have made it through initial fermentation and are taking their first of several long naps in barrel – ahhh, the wonders of beauty sleep.  While they snooze through a secondary fermentation that changes acid structure, we’re taking the opportunity to rid the tank room of the accumulated debris that harvest creates.

We’re going for the glisten!  Ceilings, walls, pipes, floors and equipment are all being pressure washed with almost boiling water.  As we spray, the bits of grape skins and stains of raw juice that ruin every wine maker’s hands slowly disappear along with the memories of harvest days that have no end.

Now all the work is in the barrel room, sweetly perfumed with oak and wine, creating an unforgettable impression of Napa every time the front door opens.

We hope to see you soon,

Cheers from all of us at Bell Wine Cellars!