Summertime in Napa Valley offers a glorious opportunity to get away and enjoy new and exciting activities, great weather, and experience the beauty and bounty of nature. Few places offer so much to do for couples, groups, or families.

The scenery, the weather, the music, the food, shopping, and, of course, the wines shine their brightest in beautiful Napa Valley during this time.

What to Do in Napa Valley

Experience the great outdoors while hiking or biking the miles of trails and diverse terrain of Napa Valley. Enjoy a picnic, go shopping, take a hot air balloon ride, drop into one of Napa Valley’s renowned restaurants or cafes, and, of course, indulge in an educational and enjoyable wine tasting session at some of the world’s finest, incredibly scenic wineries.

As people everywhere struggle to return to normal following the year-long impact of the pandemic, Napa Valley provides a safe and comfortable environment for nearly every activity. While adhering to specific protocols to protect everyone, the wineries and businesses are requesting reservations in advance to accommodate incoming visitors safely.

Hotels and Restaurants

Local hospitality businesses along the route from the City of Napa through the beautiful Village of Yountville to Calistoga are now welcoming guests back to Napa Valley with open arms. You will find charming inns and hotels along the way that exude elegant and romantic ambiance as well as fun and comfortable family-style lodgings.

Some resorts also offer world-class spa experiences, perfect for easing those tensions brought on during the past year.

Shopping in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is noted for its unique shops and markets offering locally made and imported merchandise, tastefully selected for your home décor or as surprise gifts for friends and family.

Local wines, hand-crafted beer, and delicious food-related products are available throughout the area.

Wine Tasting at Bell Wine Cellars is a Must!!

The highlight of your visit to beautiful Napa Valley should be your pre-reserved wine tasting session at one of the best wineries in Napa Valley, Bell Wine Cellars of Yountville. Welcoming and picturesque, Bell Wine Cellars offers wine tasting experiences that are tailored to fit your preferences.

Wine tasting options at beautiful Bell Wine Cellars include:

  • Current Release Tasting, a chance to sample four of the recently released wines.
  • Grape-to-Glass Vineyard and Winery Tour and Wine Tasting
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Clonal Tastings, unique experimental clones, and discussion
  • Sensory Tastings with instruction designed to enhance your ability to discern the subtleties of flavor and aroma in wines
  • Library Clone 6 Tasting, a chance to learn and distinguish the effects of aging on library wine vintages alongside recently released wines
  • Corporate or Large Group Tastings with an optional lunch included are educational and a terrific chance for groups to relax, enjoy and learn.

Become a Bell Wine Cellars Wine Club Member

Whether you are a frequent visitor to Napa Valley or can only come occasionally for a more extended period, becoming a Wine Club member with Bell Wines offers advantages for both the true wine connoisseur or the novice.

Bell Wine Cellar Members enjoy a range of benefits that include:

  • Save at least 15% on wines & merchandise
  • Priority ordering of exclusive new releases
  • Wine club anniversary gift
  • Invitations to member-only events
  • Member-only special pricing

As soon as you activate your membership with your commitment to purchase as few as four bottles of premium wines at a time, only three times per year, you begin to enjoy preferential treatment and a host of members-only offers.

Whether you enjoy mixed, red-only, or white-only shipments, learn more about the extensive, exclusive benefits of Bell Wine Cellar Club membership at

If you have further questions about a Wine Club membership or wish to reserve your place for an enjoyable wine tasting experience, phone Bell Wine Cellars at +1.707.944.1673.

And, if you have any questions or reservation requests, you may also submit them through the Contact Us Form on the Bell Wines website.