2015 holidays have receded in the rear view and we’re fired up for 2016.  Welcome rains have swept through many parts of California – here in Yountville they’ve brought the dry creek behind the winery back to life.  Leaving last night, I was serenaded by a very healthy chorus of little peepers.  The vineyard grass has turned vivid green and mustard is showing up here and there.  Our drizzly winter has finally wiped away the battered, brown remains of last year’s hot, dry summer.

The calendar is shaping up with events for club members and Maggie is planning at least four trips to visit our Bell Ringers around the country, hosting a wine tasting and sales event for the fans that want to share BELL with their friends.  Sound interesting?  Contact her at [email protected] for the details.

And results from several competitions have come in – the San Antonio Rodeo group of 70 judges voted our 2013 Syrah their Reserve Champion Red Wine, and the San Francisco Chronicle awarded both our 2014 Chardonnay and 2012 Merlot Double Golds, as well as a gold for the 2014 Sauvignon blanc.  Not a bad way to start the year!

We hope your holidays left you re-charged and ready to dive into 2016, and if you’re headed to Napa, you’ll stop by to sample the new vintages.  We call it “doing research”.