If there is anything any of us have likely learned the past couple years, it is probably the value in being creative and flexible. There are some things we probably can’t wait to never have to do again, while other things we are excited to keep around. For us – having revamped our Ambassador program — one of the things we look forward to is continuing to grow this perk for our Wine Club members.

We understand (especially now!) that it isn’t always easy to get to Napa Valley from your home town, which means that enjoying the perk of membership tastings here at the winery can be difficult to take advantage of. Whether you live locally or across the country, we love to bring the valley to our members. Once we coordinate a day, all you need to do is invite your guests, and we’ll take care of the rest. We procure a flight of Bell Wine Cellars wines to pour, then travel your way and conduct the wine tasting in your home with the same emphasis on wine education, hospitality, and enjoyment as if you and your guests were here. As this is a perk of membership, we cover our travel costs and only require a combined five-case* minimum purchase the day of your tasting. Your guests will enjoy a 15% discount on any wines ordered the day of your private in-home tasting, flat rate shipping, invitations to join our Wine Club, and an unforgettable experience. Your private in-home tasting can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. While we do not provide food, we are happy to consult with you for any food component if you like.

For more information about our Wine Club, visit https://www.bellwine.com/join-club/

If you are a member and would like to discuss a private in-home tasting via our Ambassador Program, call 707.944.1673 or email [email protected]