Throughout each year, the vineyards and landscape of beautiful Napa Valley undergo dramatic color transformations that represent the maturation of the annual grape crop.

Even before the vineyards show signs of life in the spring, mustard plants interspersed among the vine rows display a bright yellow color that signals the onset of the vineyards’ reawakening.

Following the precision pruning that occurs during the winter months, the vines awaken from dormancy in the early spring. New buds burst forth that will become the grapes for Bell Wine Cellars’ array of excellent Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and other exceptional wines.

Dormancy to Bud Break

Although Napa Valley is only about 30 miles long by five miles wide, the first tender buds begin to appear over several weeks due to the incredible diversity of the microclimates, soils, varieties, and growing conditions within this relatively small wine region.

Flowering in the Vineyards

As each vine transfers energy to its extremities, growth extends upward and outward, producing more and more buds that will eventually produce delicate flowers. By late spring, visitors witness the incredible beauty and aroma of the flowering grapevines that signal the imminent development of the new grapes.

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon vines tend to flower later than other varieties and, in most instances, are harvested later than the rest.

Within weeks, the flower petals drop off, replaced by tiny green spherical fruit that, with a few months of proper care and weather, will develop into those luscious, plump grape bunches that we love.

The period when the tiny grapes start to appear is critical. Since the onset of the fruit set occurs in mid-Spring, in most cases, vineyard managers must always be watching for sudden temperature drops that could damage or destroy the crop. As with oranges and other fruits, managers prepare to employ tactics that minimize the impact of freezing temperatures that mostly appear in the nighttime. Strategies like spraying the vineyards with water or using fans to keep the air moving are generally effective if the weather and duration are not too severe.

Bell Wine Cellars

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You will also have a chance to purchase some of the finest Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and other wines from Bell Wine Cellars.

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