Each year, vineyard managers in Napa Valley and around the world monitor each stage of development that will determine the successful maturation of their grape crop. Depending on the weather, elevation, soil type, and even the grape variety, the various stages may begin at different times.

Following the winter dormancy and pruning of the vines, the vineyards begin to experience “budbreak” as the warming temperatures begin to show the first signs of life. The branches start to develop newly emerging shoots that will grow as the weeks pass.

After the clusters have had a chance to develop by early summer, the new grapes undergo their next dramatic and important stage: Veraison.

Onset of Veraison

The word “veraison” comes from the French language, a term that denotes change or transformation.

Veraison is the stage of the maturation of Napa Valley wine grape clusters that heralds the natural color change in the best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from pale green to a deep red shade.

As the new grapes mature, they absorb more energy and gradually develop a higher sugar content as the color change occurs. With red cultivars like Napa Valley’s best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, veraison is a dramatic change, while the transformation of white varieties is more subtle.

Other changes take place. While the color of the grapes changes rapidly, other changes are occurring in the vines. The sugar levels and flavor compounds are also evolving for several weeks as the fruit matures and the organic acids decrease. Plant growth begins to slow while the pliable green shoots that had supported the clusters so far start to harden into “woody,” more brittle stems.

The maturation continues until the fall harvest. From this point, the expert vineyard managers are primarily dependent upon weather conditions, expertise, and damage-mitigating practices to minimize any negative impacts to ensure they continue to produce the Napa Valley wine quality for which they are famous.

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