Napa Valley’s incredible scenery is constantly changing. In the springtime, as the vines come alive again, gorgeous yellow mustard flowers carpet the vine rows as the vines start their seasonal bud break that will yield the crop for the new year.

Those first tender buds begin to sprout over the course of two months as vines of various varieties and elevations respond to the seasonal warming change at different rates.

As the average daytime temperatures approach the 60-70ºF range, Napa Valley springs to life. The fruit trees are also blooming, and the views are spectacular.

Some visitors are often surprised that Napa Valley boasts such a variety of viticultural conditions and earns so many accolades for luxury wines, yet the area is only 30 miles long and a mere 5 miles wide. Although Napa Valley is just one-eighth the size of France’s well-known Bordeaux region, the diversity of soils, elevation, and microclimates provide the perfect environment for cultivating almost any grape variety.

Many of the wineries are busily engaged in bottling the previous years’ vintages. The white wines, for example, that have been actively fermenting and aging to create their complex flavors are ready for blending and bottling

Time to Create Luxury Wines

Outside, Napa Valley is humming with loads of activity both in the vineyards and communities. Inside, expert winemakers are carefully crafting the luxury wines that will eventually delight their customers.

At Bell Wine Cellars in Yountville, noted winemaker John Hazak and his crew are carefully analyzing grapes from various vineyards to identify the characteristics that, when the filtering, tasting, blending, and bottling are complete, will yield another great luxury wine. Their objective is to extract the best grape qualities infused by various soils, elevations, and climates throughout the Valley.

In the wineries, the winemakers employ microbiology, knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship to maximize the grapes’ flavors.

Once the wines are bottled, the winery shifts again to cleaning and preparing the equipment for the following year’s vintage.

Visiting Bell Wine Cellars in Yountville

Now, as the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic are beginning to ebb, visitors are again welcome to safely visit the many extraordinary wineries, tasting rooms, vineyards, and many communities throughout the region. Visitors should make reservations in advance since group sizes may be limited to maintain for safe distancing.

Bell Wine Cellars is a premier producer of extraordinary luxury Napa Valley wines. A visit to the tasting room in Yountville is both enjoyable and educational as you sip their wines and enjoy the scenery while learning the details of the winemaking process from an experienced and knowledgeable wine educator.

Bell Wine Cellars’ mission is to produce excellent hand-crafted luxury wines from the best regional vineyards.

Spring is a delightfully busy and exciting time to visit Napa Valley.

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