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Share a taste of your unforgettable Napa Valley winery experience at Bell Wine Cellars with your friends, family, and colleagues with a Private In-Home Tasting.

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Wine Tasting at Home

Interested in a private wine tasting at home or you’d like to bring the tastes of our Yountville winery to your boardroom for a corporate event or wine locker for a special occasion? Available exclusively to Wine Club members, our Private In-Home Tasting Program is a comprehensive tasting experience that comes to you in the comfort of your hometown.

How it works:

One of our resident Sommeliers will travel from our winery to your city and host a carefully procured flight of Bell Wine Cellars wines. The assortment will include a taste of the full breadth of our varieties and can be customized to your interests.

We provide the wines,  tasting materials, and an expert tasting guide to take your guests on the same quality journey they would get in person at our Yountville winery. Your guests will also be able to order the wines they tasted that evening, enjoying a 15% discount. Wines ship directly from us to their addresses and guests who sign up for the wine club will receive free shipping on their orders.

We ask that the host ensure a collective five-case purchase among your guests to cover the winery’s costs for the event. Your sommelier will provide wine and is available to consult with you for any food component for your tasting, as the host is welcome to make the tasting as elaborate or simple as they choose.

Additional wines for dinner can be provided by the winery at a 25% discount.

In-Home Tasting For Wine Club Members

In-Home Tastings are a great way for wine club members to introduce Bell Wine Cellars to their friends and family without traveling to Yountville. Each of your guests will have a chance to join you in our wine club and receive free shipping on their orders. 

Wine club members can also enjoy free experiences at our winery, including Grape to Glass Tours & Tastings and Current Release Tastings for themselves and 3 friends or family members.

Learn more about our Wine Club or help your In-Home Tasting guests learn more about joining before your event:

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