Merlot, Sonoma County

Bell Wine Cellars is committed to handcrafting limited edition bottlings of extraordinary wines that best reflect the terroir of their vineyards and the care and passion of their growers.  Merlot is grown in many regions of the world with varying flavor results.  While we at Bell Wine Cellars have always focused on Merlot from our own Estate Vineyard, we recognize that Merlot can also produce lovely results in other areas; this particular bottling allows us to compare and contrast the two neighboring growing regions in the glass.  In sourcing the fruit from Sonoma, we’ve captured the unique qualities that are typical of the area, with its openness to the ocean breezes off the Pacific and different soil structures. Lower elevation, frequent fog and chilly temperatures shape wines that often display scents and flavors of tree fruits and soft spice, hung from superb structure that serves as a strong backbone.

Wine Notes