Sonnette, Napa Valley

Sonnette - French noun, fem. Transl.- 1. bell

Bell Wine Cellars is committed to hand-crafting limited edition bottlings of extraordinary wines that best reflect the terroir of their vineyards and the care and passion of their growers.  In Sonnette, our “little bell,” we have created our second proprietary wine, a wine that captures the purest fruit expression from the many varietals grown in Napa Valley. Sonnette is a selection of a particularly expressive barrel lot, offering us a chance to introduce you to something that might be otherwise lost in a blend. The very limited quantity of Sonnette produced is intended to spotlight an aspect of the vintage that we are enchanted by.  Selected from our best barrel lots, each chosen for their concentration, depth of flavor, varietal expression and supple tannin structure, the 2012 Sonnette is 100% Cabernet sauvignon.