decanted. A Winemakers Journey (DVD)
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decanted. A Winemakers Journey (DVD)
decanted. A Winemakers Journey (DVD)

Look inside one of the most intimate wine growing regions in the world, Napa Valley, and follow the journey of new beginnings and mastering a craft. -Featuring Anthony Bell and other high profile Napa Valley winemakers.-

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 "What does it take to make it in Napa Valley?" This feature length documentary follows the development of a brand new winery, Italics Winegrowers, seen through the eyes of elite Napa Valley winemakers in this small but highly revered wine region. Like a vine extending itself far underground seeking nourishment, the story digs deep to analyze what kind of person it takes to enter this highly competitive and well-established arena. Explore what it takes to succeed at building a brand, staking a claim, and realizing a lifelong dream.

Starring:Anthony Bell, Julien Fayard, Steve Reynolds
Runtime:1 hour, 18 minutes