Varietal Selling Points

Limited Production, Signature Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve, Napa

  • Bordeaux blend in the "Classic", Napa Valley style.
  • Fruit is sourced from pedigreed vineyards in warm St.      Helena (Cabernet Clone 7) and sunny Rutherford (Cabernet Clone
    337), where Cabernet grows ripe and richly flavored.
  • A stylish high end Napa Cabernet – the supple palate      
    pairs easily with steak and meat dishes, grilled            vegetables and blue cheeses.  The finish is long and very elegant.

Chardonnay, Estate Grown, Reserve,
Napa Valley

  • 100% varietal, the fruit is grown in a single vineyard
    on our winery estate in Yountville where we get less
    fog than the more southern vineyards such as Carneros.
    With more sunlight, we get more intense fruit flavor.
  • This 100% Chardonnay is focused on varietal typicity,
    with a note of French oak vanilla on nose and smooth malo-lactic cream on palate.  The balanced acidity is mouthwatering.
  • An alternative to “Classic” California style, this is delicious with fish, poultry, pasta and shellfish.

Focus Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

  • Bordeaux blend in the “Modern”, fruit-forward Napa
    Valley style.
  • Fruit is sourced and blended from several small
    vineyards located in different appellations within Napa.
    We also blend multiple Cabernet Clones to create a smoothly textured wine.                   
    Beautifully balanced, this affordable Napa Cabernet
    over-delivers, perfect for that "sweet spot" on wine list.
  • It easily pairs with steak, many meat dishes, grilled
    vegetables and flavorful cheeses.
  • Excellent fine wine shop and list opportunity.

Syrah, Canterbury Vineyard, Sierra Foothills

  • 100% varietal, single vineyard, Canterbury Vineyard
    in the Sierra Foothills.
  • Terroir driven – shallow, shale soils deliver low yields
    and small berries; air conditioning effect of adjacent dam extends “hang time.”
  • Style focuses on Rhone heritage – rich, varietal flavors with velvety structure and food affinity.
  • A delicious counterpoint to the over-the-top, fruit forward California “Shiraz” style.
  • Appeals to both red and white wine audience because of balance and structure.
  • Offers value in a category that typically competes against Cabernet prices.
  • Excellent list and BTG opportunity.

Claret, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Napa Valley Cabernet, a Bordeaux blend with Merlot,       Cabernet Franc and Petit verdot.              
  • Historical use of the name – “Claret” is traditionally
    a Bordeaux blend with wine from Hermitage
    (Rhone Valley) blended in, to add both color and fruit.      
  • Syrah used to soften tannin, delivering fruit on
    approach and moderate grip on finish.
  • Style focused on approachability.  Appeals to broad          customer range.
  • Balance allows wine to pair beautifully with a wide 
    variety of foods.  Steak, meat dishes, game.
  • On-premise, BTG focus.

Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County

  • Stainless steel fermented with a small portion that is barrel fermented to add texture.
  • Lake County – cool nights and very warm days deliver mature fruit with good acid balance.
  • Style focuses on clean varietal typicity, with delicious melon and citrus aromas, bright and balanced acidity.
  • Refreshing cocktail wine; clean flavors pair well spicy foods, seafood and poultry, and cheeses.
  • Value driven, BTG offering.

Value Wine


BELL, Red Blend, California

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel blend.
  • Provides winery with ability to select best barrels for varietal wines.
  • Richly structured, approachable, supple texture, loads of fruit.
  • Value driven, retail and BTG offering that can upsell the balance of the brand.

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