It’s happening!  Harvest report from BELL

Our Sauvignon blanc is in the cellar and is almost completely dry.  10% of the wine is in barrels, including a new one designed expressly for Sauvignon blanc, with a very narrow shape that is about 8 inches longer than our usual Bordeaux barrels.  Very pretty.

The Syrah from Canterbury Vineyard is in as well, and has a bit more to go until dry.  The prominent mocha, blueberry notes of that vineyard are showing nicely, and we expect to produce a wine that will continue the style our customers have come to expect for that vineyard.

Much of our fruit from Napa is still out on the vines, picking up the last notes of flavor and sugar.  No threatening weather on the horizon, whew.  Our best guess is that the harvest will be a wild ride for a couple of weeks as all that fruit will come in within days of each other.  Long days and late nights.