We’ve had RAIN – the little bit of accumulated wet from the last several weeks has made a big difference.  Cover crops in the vineyards are popping up bright green between the vines and on the winery driveway I noticed clumps of brilliant mustard, all because recent storms left a few puddles behind.   It doesn’t take much to wash off the dust from summer and raise hopes that we might have a typical winter rainy season filling all the agricultural ponds and aquifers.  Sure, it has a dampening effect on our visitors, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to start next year’s growing season with plenty of water for everyone?  There are certainly many farmers in Northern California that would be happy with nothing more than a nice, wet month or two for Christmas this year.

As the end of 2014 comes clearly into focus, we are busy readying our crush pad for the last bottling of the year next week.  A new wine from this year’s harvest is going into bottle – Clochette d’Or, our small gold bell.  Made from 100% free run juice of Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon collected during harvest, this wine of palest transparent gold will be something to look forward to on sunny, warm days in 2015.  Fermented entirely in French oak, it has a tantalizing weight and texture, and the tint gives the clue to its red grape heritage.  Look for it to be released sometime this summer.

Shipping has become very unpredictable with frigid air blasting out of the north and into the country’s mid-regions.  We have been watching the temperature maps every single morning to release the wines that can safely make it their destinations  without turning into slushees.  Please contact us by phone or email about your holiday orders.  Winery office – 707.944.1673, or [email protected] of course.