Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Winegrowing in Oregon's Willamette Valley has been well established since the 1860s.  The Valley is a large and climatically diverse region extending more than 150 miles, from Portland to Eugene, dwarfing valleys such as Napa.  Since the valley is exposed directly to maritime airflow off the Pacific Ocean, site selection and management is absolutely critical to fruit quality. Winters are mild, but cool, wet summers make the work of achieving optimum ripeness and balance every winemaker’s challenge. The Pinot gris and Pinot noir of our Oregon Collection come from vineyards around the Willamette Valley.

Our Pinot Gris comes from vineyards in the northwestern part of the valley known as the Van Duzer corridor. The corridor, which runs (west to east) across the Willamette Valley, brings in cool late afternoon breezes from the ocean which help to moderate summer heat. The gently sloping southern facing vineyards, featuring brick-red volcanic soils that drain particularly well, produce a Pinot Gris with the perfect combination of minerality and appealing mouth feel.

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